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Ultraswim Kickboard Swim Aid

Ultraswim Kickboard Swim Aid

Product ID: 000802
SKU: SS87806
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Ultraswim Kickboard Swim Aid

Ultra swim kickboard float is a great fun item for swimmers that need a little help. Great for body and leg workouts. Made of soft, durable, vinyl-coated foam. Very helpful for swimming assistance. Choose from exciting colors. Dimensions: 19" × 13". Thickness: 1.5" inches. Made in USA.

  • Product ID: 000802
  • SKU: SS87806
  • Collection: Super Soft Pool Floats Collection
  • Brand: Super Soft
  • Dimensions: 19" × 13".
  • Thickness: One and a half inches.
  • Permanently buoyant vinyl coated foam.
  • Available in Aquamarine, Yellow and Kool Lime Green.
  • Made in USA.
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Ultraswim Kickboard Swim Aid
Kool Lime GreenKool Lime Green
Marina BlueMarina Blue

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