Water Hammock Inflatable Pool Lounger

Water Hammock Inflatable Pool Lounger
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Water Hammock Inflatable Pool Lounger

Water Hammock Lounger combines floating comfort and portable convenience. Inflatable pieces on the head and legs provide comfortable buoyancy. Simple, unique design allows most of the body to be submerged for cool relaxation. All-weather fabric body features bright new colorful stripes in blue, green or pink. Lounge rolls up compactly for travel or storage. Size 46" x 24".


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Jul 18, 2014,
These pool loungers are fun and refreshing in the pool as the water covers your body while floating in the water. The kids love it and my family enjoy cooling and relaxing in the pool. Delivery was as predicted and I am very happy with my purchase of 2 of these. I would recommend these to anyone. Excellent...

4/5starsOn Jul 12, 2014,
We have had your product for years and decided to buy two more, they never wear out and easy to store. Service was good.

5/5starsOn Aug 17, 2013,
I already had a water hammock and was happy to find another one. I think this is the best water lounger ever! I would recommed it o any one very comfortable in water and easy to get on and off and easy to carry and store. Love it

5/5starsOn Aug 1, 2013,

5/5starsOn Jul 17, 2013,
Love the quality and confort of the hammock!!!... Ordered one pink and one green....shortly after placing order i received a call that they were out of pink and only had green available...so order was still place quickly and very efficiently...thank you for great service..

Available Color Options
  • Green
  • Pink
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