Sit & Swim Pool Saddle

Sit & Swim Pool Saddle
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Sit & Swim Pool Saddle

Ultrasoft sit and swim pool float is a saddle shaped floating chair. Ideal for seated floatation. Made of soft, durable, vinyl-coated foam. Gives freedom of arms and legs for paddling around in lake, pool or aquatic therapy. Can also be used outside the pool as a cushion seat. Dimensions: 21" x 21" with 1.5" thickness. Available only in blue. Made in USA.

Sales person says: Simple but miraculously buoyant. You basically sit on it and then enjoy the seated position. Great product. Pool saddle is now offered in blue and coral colors.


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Apr 25, 2015,
Great product. Fun to use. no complaints. Service was as expected.

5/5starsOn Apr 20, 2015,
I just love the saddle, enjoying it on my pool everyday ,I can read and enjoy my drink while on it. Everybody should have one.

5/5starsOn Sep 3, 2014,
saddles are nice and easy to deal with one of the 2 i bought was sliced open with what looked like a box cutter on the end about 8 inches long..i taped it up with some super sticky black tape because it would have cost me more to ship it back than what it was worth..there was no way i sliced it when i opened it . i didnt complain because i didnt think it was worth the hassle

5/5starsOn Sep 1, 2014,
We have been using the Pool Saddles at the local lake. We really have and do enjoy them. This has been a great addition to our boating experiences. Service, delivery and value are very good, we will shop with you again.

5/5starsOn Aug 1, 2014,
Although it took some thought before deciding to go ahead and order, so glad we did! It`s quickly become the favorite pool item! Would like to have another. Don`t hesitate ..... it`s great fun! Thanks Cozy Days ....... great customer service.

Available Color Options
  • Bahama Blue
    Bahama Blue
  • Caribbean Coral
    Caribbean Coral
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