Ultra Sunsation Foam Pool Raft

Ultra Sunsation Foam Pool Raft
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Ultra Sunsation Foam Pool Raft

Unsinkable Ultra Sunsation Pool Raft is our thickest foam raft with a little less than 3 inches thickness. Vinyl coated foam and full roll pillow offers stability in the water, everlasting quality and comfort. Made from permanently buoyant foam coated with heat processed vinyl. Very luxurious and comfortable swimming pool float. Ultra sunsation is glossy smooth on bothsides. It is soft and permanently buoyant. Long-lasting luxury, with full-circle pillow, will not sink or deflate. This float is fully reversable. Full circle pillow provides extra buoyancy in the head area and is fully reversable. Glossy vinyl coating resists sun, chlorine, and salt water. Unsinkable pool float is extra large for added comfort. Available in sparkling bronze, aquamarine, coral and kiwi.

Sales person says: If you are looking for stability, this is our thickest and largest unsinkable pool float. Smooth surface, soft foam and thickness makes a difference. Number one choice of heavier-than-average persons. So buoyant that average adult can float without even touching water. **All vinyl dipped pool floats have minor imperfections due to the manual vinyl dipping process and cooling. These imperfections do not hurt the buoyancy of the float because the foam is Closed Cell and won't absorb water. All vinyl pool floats are made by hand in the USA. **


Latest Customer Reviews

5/5starsOn Aug 20, 2014,
Tropical teal a very cool color. Thick float, feels like a mattress. Invites you to sleep. Float could be a little longer, but that being said I would buy this float again for myself or as a gift. Thanks. No issues here. Float arrived quickly. No problems af any kind.

5/5starsOn Jun 23, 2014,
Excellent quality, extra thick. More expensive, but can handle more weight. Loved the free shipping, came in an expeditious manner.

5/5starsOn Jun 29, 2013,
Wonderful! SO thick--hold my "hefty" husband well above the water.

5/5starsOn Jun 28, 2013,
These are the best floats I have found. I did buy 2 floats from another company that said they sold the best floats. Needless to say I was not pleased. So I returned those and bought these from Cozy Days. They are extra thick, the outer coating is durable because my grandkids jump on them, twist them and give them a workout and they are still in excellent shape.

3/5starsOn May 22, 2013,
I had this float in teal for 15 years, it was great. After it fell apart, I purchased two. One in teal and one in aqua. The aqua one has holes in it after the first use! There were little bubbles and they tore into small holes. The teal one seems fine so far. I am extrememly disapointed and would like a replacement for the aqua color one. Thanks.

Available Color Options
  • Bronze
  • Caribbean Coral
    Caribbean Coral
  • Marina Blue
    Marina Blue
  • Metalic Blue
    Metalic Blue
  • Orange Breeze
    Orange Breeze
  • Tropical Teal
    Tropical Teal
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