Unsinkable Swimming Pool Raft

Unsinkable Swimming Pool Raft
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Unsinkable Swimming Pool Raft

Unsinkable swimming pool raft. Unsinkable pool raft has cooling rippled texture. Luxury swimming pool float features half circle head rest. Permanently buoyant, very soft and very comfortable. Resists the effects of chlorine, sun and salt water. Unsinkable pool raft is made of soft and easy to clean vinyl coated 1.5" thick closed cell foam.

Sales person says: One of our favorite unsinkable pool floats. Rippled surface distinguishes this float from others. Our top selling color is sparkling bronze. **All vinyl dipped pool floats have minor imperfections due to the manual vinyl dipping process and cooling. These imperfections do not hurt the buoyancy of the float because the foam is Closed Cell and won't absorb water. All vinyl pool floats are made by hand in the USA. **


Latest Customer Reviews

3/5starsOn Aug 11, 2014,
It`s "okay" but you get what you pay for, as it is not nearly as sturdy as the pricer floats.

5/5starsOn Aug 11, 2014,
Still waiting to use it at Siesta Key Beach Waiting for my refund on the incorrect one you company sent which I had to pay to return.

4/5starsOn May 1, 2014,
Overall great. Wish they were a bit larger and more buoyant .

4/5starsOn May 1, 2014,
I have owned floats like this before,however, these are not quite as good. The matrial is great, it is the size and thickness that a reduced. They are a bit more narrow, a bit shorter and not as thick.

3/5starsOn Aug 4, 2013,
The hotel where I work purchases pool floats from this company with some consistency. We are trying to find floats that last, without much luck. The current model that we just ordered as well as the past 2 others have not lasted more than 4-5 weeks before they begin to fall apart. Do you have floats that will hold up to constant use? Yet to be determined.

Available Color Options
  • Bronze
  • Caribbean Coral
    Caribbean Coral
  • Kool Lime Green
    Kool Lime Green
  • Marina Blue
    Marina Blue
  • Tropical Teal
    Tropical Teal
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