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Buggy Baby Pool Float

Buggy Baby Pool Float

Product ID: 000780
SKU: PM81549
Buggy Baby Pool Float is currently not available.
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Buggy Baby Pool Float

Salesperson says:
Pool floats for infants and babies are great for getting your baby comfortable with water. Easy to use. Please don't forget: Babies should not be left unsupervised with this or any other float.

Buggy Rider baby pool float. Provides a wonderful way to help youngsters 3 and under get used to having fun on the water, with parental supervision. Pool float is a convertible red car with a fringe-style shade top. Canopy shade provides sun protection. The pocket seat has leg holes for kick-powered action. Built of sturdy 10-gauge vinyl, the Buggy Rider baby pool float features multiple air chambers, safety valves, grab handle, tow rope and 4 extra large tires for super stability. Size 36" × 27".

  • Product ID: 000780
  • SKU: PM81549
  • Size 36" × 27".
  • For babies 3 years and under.
  • Children should not be unattended on this and any other pool float.
Buggy Baby Pool Float is currently NOT available.